I am a 59 year old graduate Engineer trained in Power Plant – Electricity Generation – design, construction, operations and project management. I now live in the small City of Salem, in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu. I quit my most recent job as Director-Project Management with a Multi-national Company, in December 2014, to start-up an e-Commerce Women’s Apparel Store called, ‘Mavira Designs’, along with my wife. In-between the ‘lines of design’ I have found the space to pursue my passion for writing.

I’ve worked and lived in the Cities of Neyveli, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai – India; and having travelled – mostly on work – to the USA/Puerto-Rico, Dubai, Thailand, China and London, I has discovered an ‘ever climbing passion’ for writing, to flirt with words, to enthral, to give expression to thoughts and ‘ideas swimming in the mind’.

When embarking on a career, freshly out of College in 1986, I enjoyed the mechanical energy of building a power plant, commissioning steam turbines, learning and polishing my Engineer skills. This laid the foundation for career progression as a power plant engineer. Later, when working up the Corporate Ladder, it flashed upon that inward eye that my most meaningful & fulfilling moments, in addition to the thrill of successful execution, were in anchoring thoughts with words; drafting or researching & writing the ISO 9001: 2008 documents as Management Representative, or drafting a specification, an O&M Manual, or writing that well-researched letter to a Client expounding a theme or clarifying a statement, or to my team – inspiring them to deliver. My best moments have been fondly looking at what I have written and enjoying the pleasure of word craftsmanship.

I now aspire to become a full-time Writer & Essayist, hoping to publish a novel at the soonest, besides grabbing any opportunity that may come my way such as writing daily,  weekly or monthly posts for Newspapers and Magazines or on the internet.



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