India at the GST Act & Rio Olympics

Over the past weeks I watched with glee, the passing of India’s path-breaking Goods & Services Tax (GST), but was disappointed that the “Ammadified” Men-in-white of the AIADMK (a Regional Political Party of Tamil Nadu, headed by a Leader who calls herself Amma – mother ) chose to stage a walk-out of Parliament – while every other Party voted, ‘Yes’. Walking-out is now a full–time job of the Tamil Nadu Politician: the DMK (the Opposition party in TN) is always doing it in Chennai; and with the Zika Virus having infested the AIADMK with the deadly walking-out disease – they are doing the same in Delhi. Right now, the Vesthi’s & Lungi’s are down. But, may be a time would come when they would lift it, fold it neatly half-way, show their stripes (shoot-the-cat: translate to Tamil, literally), and stage a cat-walk out! You never know! The DMK Opposition Leader should have stuck to his colorful pants (& shirts) –perhaps borrowed a sun-striped suit & boot from the Honorable PM of India.

Meanwhile, at the Rio Olympics, India has outsourced all Medal Winning to a certain Mr. Phelps (spotted with ancient Chinese pain killing bubbles on his Herculean shoulders) – we gotta check out his genes: maybe there is an Indian hiding somewhere! By the time India wins a medal, Rahul Gandhi may grow a very long white beard and PM Modi may switch to a clean-shaven look! We hope that they, and we, get meaningful insights by then!

The ‘Discovery of India‘ is happening again, and Indian Parliamentarians have finally discovered that POK is an integral part of J&K and India! Wow! Wonder, what the PO is doing in K? Should not we take back what is rightfully ours? Send Rajinikanth to sing in Kashmir…MGR’s did not work! Someone is already shooting Kabali-2? Or, why not ‘Kashmir Beautiful Kashmir

There’s a lot happening in India! Some things happen only in India!


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