Two New Year Wishes


We are at the beginning of another brand New Year and I’m sure most of us make resolutions faster than we break them: some facing sudden death, within a few hours or day’s time and quietly buried as an attachment to the dead year gone-by. But then, at least we try, which itself can be awfully inspiring, year after year – until we fall off the grid, like dead leaves off trees, on old age.

This time, I think we should look inward and try to focus on selfishly working on our mind & body to improve its lot: to become better persons, inside out. It’s simple, with a healthy mind living inside a healthy body, there is nothing you cannot do. While being healthy is strictly within our control, there are two other things that we should perhaps religiously resolve to do in the New Year.

One, keep religion tucked deep inside your minds and allow only the effects of it to be visible as an omnipresent shine – continually polishing it with a strong sense of values & belief’s – in your daily actions. Let me illustrate, albeit in a slightly different manner. One of my all-time favourite movies is Ben-Hur – a story of Jesus Christ, which I’ve never tired of watching. In one of the scenes, in the second half, a sermon by Jesus is about to begin. The scene is filmed in an unforgettable manner, in keeping with the script of the movie of not showing the frontal face of Jesus Christ at any point in the movie. People are slowly gathering on a small hill, waiting for Jesus to arrive. When the sermon begins, the camera focuses only on the listeners, capturing the slowly growing luminescence on their faces as the teachings are assimilated and as they get gold-rich with the wealth of the knowledge of the Kingdom of God. Only the effect of Jesus is shown – never him!

Similarly, whatever your religion, do not show the source or the markings: instead, show the results of the teachings and learning’s in your everyday actions, which should speak louder than the loudest neighbourhood loudspeaker! Going a bit lateral, think about it as the evaporating car freshener on the dashboard (or elsewhere) of your car spreading its fragrance within the car and enabling you to carry-off a smile when you exit!

Two, learn all the rules of the Land – of the country and locality – you live in and ‘break them’ in a positive way, by doing better than the Rules demand, so much that the Rules themselves become redundant. Do not allow Rules to force you to act – it will only serve to amplify your fears. Adapt yourself to abide by the rules voluntarily, improving upon them – doing better, and watch the results. Also remember, the Rules of the Land you live-in always come first and overrule any contradictions with your religion – should there be one (or many)!

To sum up: put your religion to work in your everyday life without showing it; be mindful – fully in the present (Mindfulness is a clever word these days, in mindful circulation) applying your religion within the Law of the Land; let someone tell you that you do your work with such excellence that you are ‘religious in your work’ (delivering to the specifications of your Employer or Customer). Spread the word!

Happy New Year – 2017: this year, and every year hereafter, belongs to you. Be an example!


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