Of Winks and Diamonds

Over the past weeks, our eyes have been doing a lot of work – along with exercising the ‘arching’ eyebrows. Upcoming Kerala (India) movie starlet Priya Varrier’s wink launched a thousand eyebrows while glistering Gitanjali’s Nirav Modi ‘hoodwinked’ our poor Punjab National Bank with over Rupees eleven thousand crores; while winks last a second, diamonds are forever. Do we call James Bond to uncover (the winks and the diamonds)? Dangerous curves ‘lie’ ahead, for sure – trust James to bond with the best!

Earlier in the month, nothing could mask the success of Elon Musk’s Space X Heavy Falcon launch; not even two of the boosters timidly returning to the launch pad and settling down – the first ever of the kind! India’s ISRO must be arching their eyebrows as well – such technology could become a diamond mine!

The cold brother of the Olympics opened its winter avatar in South Korea and the world was uncovering its eyes to spy a hand-shake between the sister of the North and the ruler of the South, while America cooly sat in the next ‘cold’ seat! Sometimes, cold ice can melt in the warmth of a friendly winter.

The ‘dam’n Cauvery pot-boiler was in the news again, much like Arun Jaitely’s tinkering Union Budget – reduce a bucket here, add a drum (of Insurance) there. The Supreme Court Judges are reading the Newspapers, for sure, on Cape Town’s water crisis; and that the next Big City waiting in queue, say the Experts, is ‘namma‘ Bengaluru. Time to tank ourselves with buckets and pails! Allow me a wink: the long awaited judgement is fair under the present mine of data, lets move on!

Meanwhile, America is determined to shoot itself out of School. If you cannot enact strict Gun-control Laws, the least they can do is take a leaf out of Tamil Nadu’s free Noon Meal Scheme and hand over free bullet-proof vests to every school going child. There is a Terminator lurking nearby – I’ll be back!

Lastly, have a lazy Sunday – you deserve it. Sit back and perhaps listen to the rock band IRON MAIDEN (not the one who now lies on Marina Beach) – I’ve yet to do it! I read somewhere (a thread, off Twitter) that they have been around for more than 40 years, produced 27 albums, sold 90 million copies, played 2000 live shows in about 60 countries and have more than 16 million social media followers. Their lyrics are based on serious literature and grand themes (not the usual loud sex and heavy drugs). I find the Band’s Leader, Bruce Dickinson’s saying extremely inspirational, uplifting (and full of un-cut diamonds), ‘We have our field and we’ve got to plough it…what’s going on in the next field is of no interest to us. We can plough only one field at a time’.

Go ahead, plough your field with all that you’ve got – believe me they are filled with diamonds (and you can wink your way to the Bank – definitely not Punjab National, though!).


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