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With the COVID-19 pandemic appearing to slightly dim, it’s lights-on for the anti-vaccination mob who live by the now famous credo, ’I’ll Do My Own Research’ to convince themselves and those willing to lend an ear – on not getting vaccinated. If everyone was to do his own research I wonder how one would find common ground and stay on the same page on matters concerning deadly infectious diseases, which require a huge coordinated effort to contain. Often one’s work is the starting point for another: we ride on the shoulders of research done long before we came on the scene. Should each one of us independently find out why the apple fell on Newton’s head when the great Scientist had already ‘caught the apple’ and discovered gravity? And confirmed by many other Experts!

Doing your own research may lead you astray with the Google algorithm designed to help you find and confirm the negatives that you are looking for. And you ending up swallowing tons of fake information, which you are no expert to digest – and then throw up!

What do we do on decisions such as to get vaccinated or not? Just follow the Experts. Don’t do your own research and expect to find anything different from what the Experts did. And don’t trust anyone who tells you to do your own research: they’re out to bamboozle you. We need to respect learning and hard-earned knowledge, don’t we?

We have vaccines against measles, mumps, pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, and others, which is mandated by most countries to take. Anti-vaxxers should realise that it is actually a good thing to get vaccinated. Kindergarten should change a person!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drunk on his government’s excellent performance during the pandemic gambled on a snap election hoping to win a majority in Parliament. Won he did, but fell-short of the hoped-for-majority. His Liberal Party won 158 seats to the Opposition Conservative’s 119 and the target of 170 suddenly looked higher than it did before the Elections. Well, the snap decision snapped; it backfired.

In medieval times it was not uncommon for Kings and Queens to wander about their Kingdom, in disguise, to see for themselves how ordinary folks are going about the business of their lives and to sense the mood- doing their own royal research, in a way? India’s newly-minted Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya went back in time to do exactly that, when he made a surprise visit to New Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital, in disguise, as a general patient. During the visit, a security guard chided him and hit him for trying to sit on a bench. He found a 75 years old woman pleading with the guards to get a stretcher for her son, as she couldn’t find one. And not one of the 1500 security guards was willing to help. How do you find a vaccine for this behaviour? Mandaviya gave up his disguise and talked to the Prime Minister about the incident and what he had uncovered, and instead of adopting a Rambo style suspension of the guard, Mandaviya decided to try improve the system and not just one person. That sure is a healthy outlook on affairs in the Kingdom.

While China and India are on a different league when it comes to population – occupying the top two positions – good old United States of America is being challenged by Nigeria, for the third position. And according to a United Nations report, Nigeria is expected to surpass the US and become the third-most populous country in the world by 2050. Planet Earth is not enough, let’s try space?

The SpaceX Tourist Mission including (other than the lift-off to the edge of Space, and landing) three days of orbiting around the Earth, and enjoying the sights, ended successfully on the 19th September, with the return of the crew of four safely to Earth. The Capsule named as Resilience, harbouring them made an automatic re-entry and then parachuted into calm seas off the coast of Florida. It was a sight to behold with four speed-breaking parachutes – first two and then another two opening up-holding Resilience to carefully touch down onto the calm waters. And after a ‘hold dip’ the Capsule buoyed and floated before being suspiciously watched, inspected – it had a visibly scorched exterior – escorted, and rigged by the recovery crew, after which it was lifted onto a Recovery Vessel. The weather was extremely friendly and gave space to the Space-returnees to enjoy the moment.

Within an hour, the four smiling crew members were seen emerging one by one from the capsule’s side hatch. Each stood on the deck for a few moments in front of the capsule to wave and a give thumbs-up before being escorted to a medical station on board for checkups at sea. Afterwards they were flown by helicopter back to Cape Canaveral for reunion with their families.

Please Yourself

What the Oscar Awards are for the Movies, and the Grammys for Music, The Emmy Awards are for Television – recognising the best that Television has produced. And what we watched – often binged – with delight in our Homes.

The Emmy Awards officially called the Primetime Emmy Awards are awards bestowed by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) in recognition of excellence in American primetime television programming.

The 73rd edition of the Emmys was held this week at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, USA. Cedric the Entertainer, actor, and standup comedian who has been a sitcom staple from ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ to ‘The Neighbourhood’, hosted the show.

Apple TV’s, ’Ted Lasso’ – a superb American football comedy, which you can enjoy without knowing anything about football- came into the night with the most nominations of 13 and could lasso only four heads. Netflix’s, ‘The Crown’ – about the story of the British Royal Family- received 11 nominations and ended up with the biggest haul of seven crowns.

Kate Winslet, who we know as the famous ‘Rose’ of Titanic-the movie – rose cleverly to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Movie, for the ‘Mare of Easttown,’ a HBO production on crime detection. Maybe we should put her on the job of finding out if it indeed was an iceberg that tippled the Titanic. Netflix’s chess based classic drama, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ check-mated the award for the Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series. ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ won the Outstanding Variety Talk Series, this week; ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ won the Outstanding Competition Program, without dragging further. ‘Saturday Night Live’ won the Outstanding Variety Sketch Series, and lived another night. I’ve mentioned the key winners to aid your navigation on Television and decide what to watch.

The over three-hour telecast squeezed in twenty-eight live awards, including one notable stretch to present the lifetime Governor’s Award to Debbie Allen, a consummate multi-skilled – dancer, choreographer, actor, director, producer, and singer – whose career spans such pop culture staples as ‘Fame’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and ‘The Cosby Show’. The 71 years old Allen said, “It’s taken a lot of courage to be the only woman in the room a lot of times”.

More courageous stories to sing, dance, sit or stand, and watch in the coming weeks. Stay with World Inthavaaram.


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